Friday, November 13, 2009

Jane Lane Bane and Cassarole!!!

Pick yourself off the floor...I am still alive people ;)
Haha :)

So yesterday I had to go and make some meat deliveries in R------- and I asked my dearest of all dears....Anja...if she would like to go on a date of sorts...Of course she did (Heck you would have to be CRAZY not to want to go on a date with me!) ;)

The trip up was rather exciting...lots of traffic!!! I was also delivering eggs....And a couple of rather sudden stops...weeellll I guess you might say some eggs got delivered onto the carpet of mom's car.. (shhhhh) ;)

But we did eventually make it...three minutes late...
After delivering at the first location we headed off to the next. Which happened to be at the end of this kinda creepy road..But Anja and I were not scared-we are brave.. ( ok I admit it ..Anja is brave and I pretend to be).
Finally the last gal came for her meat (15 minutes late) grrr! There we were starving and freezing and at the end of a kinda creepy road no less!!

By 8:30 pm we were both ready to start eating eachother...well not quite..that would be rather cannibalistic. But we were really hungry!!

Driving the main drag in R------- we finally came across a restaurant that had a slightly normal name "The Cheesecake Factory" Anja didn't have very good memories of the last time she was in one so we decided to make some good ones :D

I was terribly disappointed when I walked in..cause guys it's not a cheesecake factory!!!
And the servers were dressed like astronauts!! no kidding!! it was kinda alittle weird!!
And all of sudden happy birthday was being sung acouple tables down from us....They needed help with it big time.

We enjoyed our appetizer very was squid! pretty much amazing!
And then happy birthday was being sung at a totally different table...

And then Anja and I had a very good serious conversation...only inturrupted by another ear splitting rendition of happy birthday

And then there was dinner which was totally amazing! ......And then there was another birthday song (I'm not even kidding here guys)

When the ginormous dessert menu came Anja took it upon herself to read aloud EVERY cheesecake listed and it's description...She had to speak up once cause happy birthday was being sung again.....We finally narrowed the list down to something chocolate...cause I'm picky...and Anja isn't...but I LOOOOVE chocolate.

It was fantabulous!!!! oh my gosh like heaven in your mouth!!

And then Anja drove home cause I was tired.


  1. Oh but their Mac and Cheese is to die for girls ! Traci and i took her little guy one time to Pittsford and they do not have a kid's menu so we ordered a side of four cheese Mac and cheese for him.Yum. It was huge and of course he needed a little help which we so eagerly obliged .:) Sounds like you had a great date too!

  2. That's how it is w/ Happy Bday every time you go to Bugaboo Creek. Everyone goes there for their bday b/c they make you kiss the moose before you get your dessert. (I didn't know R had a Cheesecake Factory. Good to know!)