Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring for Anja

In the spring mom and I go around to old abandoned houses and rescue tulip bulbs. A lot of these were dug up form the old green house in Geneva beside Walmart. I think they like their home much better now

I could paint my whole room this color


even though this picture was fuzzy and made my eyes do strange things when I looked at it I still thought that it was quite unique

Some how and certainly not on purpose there is a large patch of yellow tulips curving around our house following our sidewalk

this one reminds me of you Oncha:)

And the finished product

Monday, April 12, 2010

Elizabeth and Me

biking to Alyssa's house to go hiking to their falls

After climbing down the bank behind us that was filled with briers, we managed to still smile

The water was so refreshing!

A wild trillium

The falls are finally sighted

Elizabeth and me

Yep, I was standing in the middle of the falls!

Alyssa, Elizabeth and me