Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring for Anja

In the spring mom and I go around to old abandoned houses and rescue tulip bulbs. A lot of these were dug up form the old green house in Geneva beside Walmart. I think they like their home much better now

I could paint my whole room this color


even though this picture was fuzzy and made my eyes do strange things when I looked at it I still thought that it was quite unique

Some how and certainly not on purpose there is a large patch of yellow tulips curving around our house following our sidewalk

this one reminds me of you Oncha:)

And the finished product


  1. Oh, those are beautiful! My garden when I lived in ann arbor, was mostly planted with rescued plants from abandoned houses and roadsides. Amazing the treasures you can find!

  2. Those flowers are really beautiful.

  3. Mmmmmmm i love it!!!! espechally the fuzzy one! I think it looks really cool. Thanks so much for the pictures it really means a lot to me! love ya!!!