Friday, December 11, 2009


Once upon a time there was a raccoon who decided to make his home above the children's bedroom ceiling at the Bauman household. The passageway was inaccessible to any human and so every night Judah and Anneke would go to bed with a loud scratching noise above their heads. Finally, Anneke could no longer stand the commotion ( not to mention being kept awake all night) decided to make her bed on the couch. We considered different methods of getting the animal out: putting a dog up there to kill it, but the dog would probably not drag it out which would leave a rotting animal up there all during the Christmas season. Finally we decided to set a trap! Yes, you're all wondering why it took us so long to think of that. Sorry, we're a little thick. Anyway that did not work. Anneke, hearing that raccoons hate loud music, taped her sisters speakers to the ceiling( don't tell Anja) and blared the loudest, rockiest music she could find. But the music was not loud enough so my dear father went and borrowed a boom box from our neighbors and, piling up many tables, magazines and boxes, wedged the speaker up to the ceiling. Needless to say we all went shopping in the afternoon because we couldn't stand the noise. But it worked and we blocked up the hole he was getting in and I finally have gotten some full nights of sleep. P.S. for the courtesy of the house guests who will be staying with us over
Christmas the animal is gone and shall not bother you. THE END