Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy 35 Anniversary!!!

Children seldom understand the trials their parents face, the dreams deferred, or sacrifices made until one day when they are grown with grown-up choices, too, and realize the debt they can't repay.

Only you two know all that's gone into your marriage or how many challenges you've faced. But we know how much we love you for all that you've done to stay together. It couldn't have been easy to keep your patience, your sense of humor, but you always pulled through.

And in the process, you taught us a lot about the power of commitment, the importance of family, and how to get by in a less-than-perfect world. We're very proud of you for that.
Happy Anniversary from Anja, Olivia, Anneke and Judah


  1. too true...Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary sis!! love you to the moon and back... antje

  3. You should print that first picture off and send it to me.