Friday, September 3, 2010

To the fair we go!!

For Judah's birthday we decided to go to the New York State Fair, he was quite excited!

The car ride got a little interesting after sitting there for half an hour.We, or should I say Judah, got a little crazy:)

Liv and mom finally found some shade, but even though we got a little heated it was a lovely day, and after the hot week we just had we were grateful that we went when we did.

Liv and Em did not like the chicken barn at all!!

Bub looks a little unsure of himself, after they put the bar down.

Judah and I had fun on the big drop, but I must say my stomach was quite worn out by the end of the day:(

Altogether we had a lovely time.

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  1. and not one picture of Ab and I...well, I suppose I will forgive you since your camera died. I had a blast that day! Love ya!