Friday, November 12, 2010


My birthday started out like any other birthday, we ate a lovely breakfast and opened presents and that's when things got weird. I was in the bathroom brushing my hair when I felt a something pressed against my back. I looked behind me and their was Judah with a gun then Olivia came in from the other door yelling that this was a hold up and that I had better cooperate. they blind folded me and carried me out to the car. We drove around for maybe fifteen minutes before we reached our destination the Bromkas.
Above The Brain her Side Kick and the poor old me:)

After I got out of the car at the Bromkas they told me that they had made a treasure hunt using Jareds Geo chaching compass and that I would have to follow it to get the rest of my presents.

Some of the presents were things to share, like candy and toys for the girls.

Some of the Geo caches were a little bit harder to get to than others!

We came across a lovely little pond on our hike leading me too......

an old shack were I found number my six present.

Yes we had to do it the hard way and go through the ravine instead of around it.

Yibber and Kitty.

I got an adorable note book from the girls, with pictures of them on it:)

Heading home.

Topping it all of with a giant leaf pile.

It was a little scary jumping from the tree flat on your back in the leaves!

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